Vertebral Augmentation

In June 2011, NeuroTherm entered the Vertebral Augmentation and Vertebroplasty market and quickly began developing the Parallax® product line. Recently, NeuroTherm launched the Parallax Vertebral Balloon to respond to physicians’ desire for a large diameter balloon that does not creep distally, thereby reducing the potential for anterior wall disruption.

The Parallax Vertebral Balloon and the Parallax Contour® device allow physicians multiple options in void creation for each unique vertebral compression fracture. In addition to cavity creation devices, NeuroTherm offers a complete vertebral compression fracture solution including the Parallax Acrylic Resin with TRACERS® Bone Cement, EZFlow® Cement Delivery System, and wide array of access needle hub and tip geometry designs.

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Parallax, Tracers, EZFlow and Contour are registered trademarks of NeuroTherm, Inc.

Parallax, TRACERS, Contour, and EZFlow are registered trademarks of NeuroTherm, Inc.
Bone Cement is protected under US Patent 7510579 B2.